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Turning 65 Medicare Options

  • Turning 65?

  • ​What should you be aware of:

  • What are all my options?

  • Which rules apply to me?

  • Penalties of not enrolling or enrolling late

  • PPO vs HMO

  • What plans are best for me?

  • What if I am still working?

  • What plans do all my doctors take? 

Medicare Extra Help

Do you qualify for Medicare Extra Help and Benefits Provided by the State and Federal Government?

  • Help to pay for your Part B?

  • Help to pay for your Medications?

  • Help to pay for your co-payments and co-insurance?

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Tricare Receipients

Receipients of Tricare now have options to add additional benefits at low or no cost.

Veterans Additional Benefits

If you are using the VA and would like to add additional benefits (vision, dental, gym membership and more at low or no cost.

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Medicare Insurance Plan Options

  • Do you know ALL your plan benefits?

  • What are the changes to Medicare?

  • Are you paying too much for your medications?

  • Are you aware of All Medicare Coverage choices?

  • Do you qualify for Medicare Extra Benefits?

  • What is happening in 2021?

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At PCP For Life, we have partnered with AGA Medicare Options. AGA Medicare Options has been in business for over 26 years, working solely to help Medicare recipients. Our goal is to be a resource for any questions, assistance, and support you need.

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