Medicare Plan Options

Understanding Extra Benefits You May Be Entitled To

  • Do you know ALL your plan benefits?

  • What are the changes to Medicare?

  • Are you paying too much for your medications?

  • Are you aware of All Medicare Coverage choices?

  • Do you qualify for Medicare Extra Benefits?

  • What is happening in 2021?


Turning 65 Medicare Options

Understanding what Medicare can do for YOU

  • What are all my options?

  • Which rules apply to me?

  • Penalties of not enrolling or enrolling late

  • PPO vs HMO

  • What plans are best for me?

  • What if I am still working?

  • What plans do all my doctors take?


Medicare Extra Help

Do you QUALIFY for:

  • Medicare Extra Help and other benefits provided by the State and Federal Government?

  • Help to pay for your Part B?

  • Help to pay for your Medications?

  • Help to pay for your co-payments and co-insurance?



  • If you are using the VA and would like to ADD additional benefits such as Vision, Dental, Gym Memberships, YOU CAN do so at LOW or NO COST.


Tricare Recipients

  • Recipients of Tricare NOW have options for additional benefits at LOW or NO COST.​


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